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Anja & Thomas 

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Anja von Koenen



GEC Koeni's Enya with her mom GEC Koeni's Geeny - December 2005


31.08.2014: New photos of our kittens.

29.08.2014: Happy Birthday to our K2-Litter - 3 years old today!

26.08.2014: Happy Birthday to our I3-Litter - 1 year old today!

24.08.2014: New photos of our kittens and new photos of American Girl, Bellini, Curie, Grace, Romina, Sweet Shari, Wiola and Yelana in the gallery.

23.08.2024: Happy Birthday to our L2-Litter - 8 years old today! We took Curie, Romina, Bellini, Yelana and Grace to a show today with great results: Curie finished her last title and can now be called WORLD CHAMPION!!! Curie also won BIV as did Romina and Grace. All five cats were nominated for Best in Show and we are happy to tell that Romina and Grace managed to win against strong competition.  And Romina won BEST OF BEST - we are sooo proud and happy

22.08.2014: New photos of Baileys, Camira, Freya, Lara, Loona & Ludwig, Peppone and Zelia in the gallery.

16.08.2014: New photos of our kittens and new photos of Bacardi and Diego in the gallery.

15.08.2014: Happy Birthday to our Y-Litter - 13 years old today!

09.08.2014: New photos of our kittens and new photos of Bellini, Geeny, Grace, Jerry Lee, Romina, Xara, Yelana and Zelia in the gallery. And news at plans...

07.08.2014: Happy Birthday to our O2-Litter - 3 years old today!

04.08.2014: Happy Birthday to our Z2-Litter - 2 years old today and a very big birthday kiss to our beloved boy Zippo!

03.08.2014: Happy Birthday to our B2-Litter - 4 years old today!

GEC Koeni's Geeny