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GEC Koeni's Enya with her mom GEC Koeni's Geeny - December 2005


01.11.2014: Happy Birthday to our F2-Litter - 7 years old today!

30.10.2014: Today, we took Romina, Valerie and Zippo to Doc. Kresken for their second HCM-screenings and all three have healthy hearts with perfect values again.

28.10.2014: New photos of Adriano, Belana, Finnegan, Mojito, Pauline & Pippa and Willy in the gallery.

27.10.2014: Happy Birthday to our E-Litter - 13 years old today!

26.10.2014: Today, we took Valerie, Zippo, Bellini and Yelana to a WCF-show in Belgium with great results: Yelana got Ex1, Valerie won a special price and was nominated, Bellini and Zippo were also both nominated for BIS and both won BEST IN SHOW with all votes! Then, Zippo won BEST OF BEST adult cats and Bellini won BEST OF BEST kittens and youngsters and finally, Zippo won BEST OVER ALL!!!! We are sooo incredibly proud of our cats!!! What a fantastic show day! At the same time, Zippo's son Koeni's Bacardi won BEST OVER ALL at a show here in Germany...

24.10.2014: New photos of Bjärna, Bellini, Curie, Frieda, Grace, Käthe, Romina, Wiola and Yelana in the gallery.

19.10.2014: New photos of our kittens

17.10.2014: New photos of American Girl, Bellini, Curie, Fabiola, Freddy & Frieda, Grace, Käthe, Valerie, Wiola, Yelana and Zippo in the gallery.

15.10.2014: New photos of Bacardi, Frieda, Gandalf, Lara, Loona & Ludwig and Walther & Warren in the gallery.

11.10.2014: Today, we took Curie, Romina, Zippo and Bellini to a show here in Germany with great results: Romina is now WORLD CHAMPION!!! All four cats were nominated and won BEST IN SHOW and Bellini won BEST OF BEST Youngster. We are sooo incredibly proud of our cats!!!

05.10.2014: We proudly present our new family member: Käthe av Sögne-Fjord!!!   And new photos of Grace, Romina and Wiola in the gallery.

GEC Koeni's Geeny