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GEC Koeni's Enya with her mom GEC Koeni's Geeny - December 2005


29.04.2017: A new photo of Kalhua in the gallery.

22.04.2017: We have newborn kittens

18.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our Z-Litter - 11 years old today. And photos of Bellini and Finnegan in the gallery.

14.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our G2-Litter - 11 years old today.  And welcome home to our lovely new boy D*Leopold av Sögne-Fjord!

13.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our R-Litter - 17 years old today.

12.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our L3-Litter - 4 years old today.

11.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our W-Litter - 11 years old today. And photos of Gustav, Mia, Mycroft, Rabea, Ribana, Serafina, Xenia and Yamina in the gallery.

10.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our S2-Litter - 11 years old today.

07.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our J2-Litter - 10 years old today.

06.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our R2-Litter - 10 years old today.

02.04.2017: Happy Birthday to our G3-Litter - 3 years old today and we will of course give some extra treats to our beloved girl Grace.

29.03.2017: Happy Birthday to our E2-Litter - 10 years old today.

27.03.2017: New photos of American Girl, Emil, Evita, Mia, Mycroft, Ribana, Roxy, Remus & Romulus and Yamina in the gallery.

24.03.2017: Happy Birthday to our A-Litter - 12 years old today.

18.03.2017: Today, we took Curie, Zippo, Grace, Evita und Ribana to a WCF show here in Germany - they all behaved perfectly well on the judge's table. Evita: 2x CAC, Ribana: Ex1 and nominated, Grace: 2x CACE, BIV and nominated, Curie: CAGPIB, nominated, BIS und BOB Neuter, Zippo: Ex1 Class of Honor, nominated, BIS and BEST OF BEST total. We are sooo proud of our wonderful cats!!

GEC Koeni's Geeny